Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Dance...

The past two weekends we have been attending weddings (non-business related) and this is where we had a moment of realization.

Everyone was seated in a beautifully decorated banquet hall, the lights were dimmed and all eyes were on the bride & groom as they slowly moved to their First Dance as a married couple. The guests watched in adoration, the parents overlooked the newly weds with pride and joy and the bride & groom gazed into each others eyes and shared a romantic moment.

At this moment, I reflected on the Private sessions we have been having with a bride & groom to-be. Each session we focused on learning the choreography, the intimacy of the movements, the natural motion of each step but most importantly we focused on what a memorable moment this would be. It would be a moment they would rewind and watch over and over again in the years to come as they celebrated their union one day, month, year at a time.

This was one hour every week where they were both able to step away from: the madness of planning a wedding, dealing with one too many adults, making stressful decisions, debating whether to speak their mind or bite their tongues even when there was so much to say and of course the constant worry of whether it will all go as planned. This was a time for them to enjoy each other's company and engage in an activity where team work was required along with rhythm, sync, laughter, coordination, balance and, of course, fun! Yes, everything they will need up until their big day and for the rest of their lives as a married couple.

It was as I was sitting in this reception hall watching this newly wed couple dance away to their First Dance that I realized that we were not just preparing for one dance. We were creating a life long memory and marking the beginning of many dances in life together where these lessons of working together, enjoying each others company and being in sync will come in very handy. It is a special moment which the young couple are preparing for and it is even more special knowing that Sapnay Dance plays such a rewarding and exciting part in it.

We are so excited to see the Bride & Groom join together in the first of many dances together in life...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Haaalo Re...Garba rumvaa chaalo...!

Garba season is around the corner...and Sapnay Dance is helping everyone gear up for this years dose of Garba & Raas!

We're offering a 4 week Garba & Raas workshop to help you and your friends learn the basic moves! Don't be left on the sidelines watching while the rest of your friends dance the night away.  Garba is as easy as, two, three!

Our last two classes have been a hit! We got a dose of 2-taali, 3-taali, various twists, turns and shuffles. Participants have been able to easily learn the steps, find the beat and begin on their own. It really IS that easy!  

We spend each week learning new foot movement and styles of Garba so you can show off something new at every Garba/Raas event this year. We break down each movement so it's easy for any one to follow along.

Whether you're preparing for all the upcoming weddings or for the Navratri season, we'll make sure you learn some unique steps while mastering the basics.

Bring your friends, your energy and your dandia's as we get YOU ready for the Navratri season this year! In just four classes you'll be ready to show off some of your best moves all while having fun and keeping up with the music!

Join us on Tuesday nights at 7:30PM in Milpitas, CA. More info on our website:!

I am excited to provide an update on our wonderful 4 week session of Garba & Raas. Students successfully completed the session and mastered the basics of Garba movements while learning techniques to add creativity and energy to every step. Garba techniques were also incorporated into  Raas movements. We look forward to seeing our Garba & Raas students out on the dance floor this Navratri season!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Celebrating Sapnay Dance style!

Sapnay Dance has been celebrating birthdays in style with personalized Bollywood Dance workshops for young boys and girls in the Bay Area!

We have danced to a variety of songs ranging from Twist, Maahi Ve, Chaiya Chaiya and Daler Mehndi's Tunak Tunak!

Parents have the option of picking between a Bollywood or Bhangra theme, however the most popular has been doing a little bit of both.

This creative workshop has provided entertainment for kids and the guests at every party while exposing the young minds to teamwork through dance, Indian music, culture, coordination and choreography.

Gone are the days of balloonist, face painters and magicians. Invite Sapnay Dance to your next event and we'll bring Bollywood music, dance and fun to keep you and your guests on the dance floor.

Sapnay Dance - Bhangra theme

Sapnay Dance Events - Bollywood & Bhangra theme

Sapnay Dance Events - Bollywood Theme

Sapnay Dance Events - Bollywood Theme

Friday, July 15, 2011

Weddings & More...

Last weekend we celebrated the wedding of Ami & Nikhil Ghanekar. Sapnay Dance celebrated with the family by bringing the cousins together for a memorable and enthusiastic dance number consisting of a Hindi film dance (Bollywood), Garba/Raas & Bhangra medley.

Sapnay Dance worked with the bride to understand what personal touches she wanted to make it special for her and the groom. Per her request we were able to fit in a fun, upbeat, Garba/Raas & Bhangra piece. 

The brides cousins were from all parts of California and across the states but that did not stop us from making a brides wish come true. The cousins received a video tutorial of a dance choreography which consisted of a 4 song medley to learn weeks before the wedding. Sapnay Dance provided steps for the girls & the boys depending on the dance, as well as a break down of each choreography to make it easy to learn on their own! Family members had the opportunity to practice on their own prior to the wedding at their own time, in their own space and at their own pace!

The night before the wedding (at the sangeet/mehndi night) the cousins, who had already arrived, spent an hour reviewing the steps as a group ensuring everyone was moving in the same direction.  The night did not end there. The cousins stayed up playing games and getting in some quality time together before the wedding festivities began the next day.

At 9 AM Saturday morning, still in PJs, the cousins spent 45 minutes running through the whole routine and reviewing some key steps. This was the first time they got to review the formations however, there were still some cousins missing so it wasn't perfect just yet.

Not much time between the wedding and reception, but Sapnay Dance always manages to squeeze in  one more run through as everyone was finally present.

Music (check)
Formations (check)
Dance steps (check)
Family bonding time (check)
Cousins (eh...someone is always missing)!

The Bride & Groom loved it and the cousins are still reminiscing about the fun times spent together practicing and on the dance floor!

We enjoyed being part of such a special and fun celebration! Sapnay Dance wishes the Bride & Groom a wonderful start to married life! We loved being a part of your lifelong memories!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Welcome to our Blog!

Dancing is yet another way to express ones inner feelings through body movement It has no right or wrong way. just like there is no right or wrong way to laugh or cry.

There are many styles and areas one may concentrate on but dancing is a very personal experience which can be presented in SO many ways :)! We all are DANCING knowingly or unknowingly every day as we express our inner most happiness (jumping up and down and giggling) and frustrations (ie: stomping our feet). Just add some background music to that and there you have it :)

Explore Dance, Music, Fitness, Health, "Bollywood" and other tips & stories through our blog! Leave us a comment or question! 

See YOU on the dance floor!!